BBQ Royale

At BBQ Royale, we serve grilled premium hamburgers and kebab with tasty side dishes and products of the highest quality. We focus on small-scale preparation and cooking, newly baked bread, and our own house dressings. Naturally, there are also other BBQ-inspired dishes, salads, and some vegetarian dishes on the menu.
The stars of our menu are BBQ Royale’s Premium Hamburger and Premium Kebab. The kebab is made of high-quality chicken and beef, that is prepared and seasoned in the restaurant. We take the kebab to a whole new level! At BBQ Royale, we use high-quality, and preferably domestic, products in our cooking. Our Premium Casual restaurant offers something for everyone, and everyone is welcome. The interior of BBQ Royale is inspired by Brooklyn, NYC and is designed by concept interior designer Eva-Jo Hancock at Rabalder Story Design.


I have always believed in straight-forward, simple food made with the heart. Here, we serve grilled premium burgers with delicious side dishes and our home-made dressings. Meat of the highest quality, fresh seasonal ingredients, and newly baked bread. Our philosophy is to make really good food with a lot of love. Eat well. Be kind. – Michael Björklund


Note, that if you want to book your table online, you must do so 2h before your arrival. In other cases, you can call us on +358 40 0179795 or send us an email to